Dust Busters Housekeeping

We are a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured company!


We perform ALL

housekeeping duties!




________             1. Microwave Oven: Clean inside and inside door. Wipe down outside surfaces.

________             2. Stovetop/Burner: Scour drip pans and stove top and wipe down temperature/dial panel. Remove knobs if necessary, and clean underneath.

________             3. Dishes: Check dishwasher. If full, start dishwasher and wash by hand remaining dishes. If clean, empty dishwasher. No dishwasher, wash dishes by hand.

________             4. Refrigerator: Clean shelves inside. Empty drawers and clean. Wipe down outside of fridge and on top.

________             5. Cabinets: Wipe down outside and inside.

________             6. Countertops/sinks: Scour sinks. Clean appliances and under them.

________             7. Floors: Vacuum all rugs. Remove rugs, sweep floor, mop/steam floors by hand.


________             1. Dust furniture and knickknacks as well as underneath them.

________             2. Clean mirrors, TV screens, glass tabletops, etc.

________             3. Vacuum: Vacuum furniture removing cushions. Vacuum underneath furniture, and all carpet


________             1. Showers/Bathtubs: Spray shower walls/tub, scrub with scour pad. Rinse. Extra attention to calcium/lime/rust build up.

________             2. Toilets: Use toilet brush to clean rim inside toilet. Clean around base and lid.

________             3. Features: Clean toilet roll holder, towel racks, soap dispensers, light fixtures, light switches, etc.

________             4. Vanity: Scour sinks and around sinks. Faucets. Mirrors, leaving no streaks or water spots.

________             5. Floors: Shake all rugs and sweep. Hand clean floor and wipe baseboards.


________             1. Dust: Dust all furniture same as living room.

________             2. Make beds/change linens.

________             3. Vacuum – Same as living room


________             1. Blinds/ Windows/window tracks

________             2. Light fixtures

________             3. Baseboards

________             4. Wipe down doors

________             5. Laundry – If customer wants done

________             6. Cobwebs


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